Stacey's Fishing Club

Stacey's Match Group

The final match of the season was fished at Cheriton Farm on April 14th, with all but two putting double figures on the scales.  Top on the day was Kevin Roberts with 48lb, ahead of Andy Wicks on 43lb 12oz, Matt Butler on 37lb 2oz, Scott Butler on 33lb 8oz, Vinnie on 33lb and Keith Brown on 32lb 4oz.

Peter Stevens won the Singles Knockout, beating Sam Skelton by 20 points to 16 points over the final two matches.

Final Results for 2018/19 are shown below:


As always, the above results will be subject to arguments, appeals, complaints, re-checking, and bribery.


Proposed Dates and Venues for 2019/20

  • May 12th Willow Park (Ash)
  • June 9th Soke Road
  • July 21st Dandy's Ford
  • August 18th Court Farm
  • September 15th Whitehouse
  • October 27th Whitehouse
  • November 24th Court Farm
  • December 8th Whitehouse
  • January 19th Cheriton Farm
  • February 16th tba
  • March 15th Cheriton Farm
  • April 12th Cheriton Farm